Friday, September 16, 2005

First entry:
September 16th, pre yard sale and after 11 which means i'll be going off to sleep soon. Traded ATC's with my sister in law tonight, a very talented artist. Will post some of my cards on this site for trading and for looking. Tonight, for looking. These have all been traded. Thought for tonight, Wal-mart will only let me buy a couple packages of sudafed. I had a sick kid and husband at home. When i ask the cashier what will prevent me from going out, coming back in and buying more, she says "your integrity." MY integrity? MY integrity? you've got to be kidding. Seems 'big brother' is once again watching out for me, trying to protect me and now i've got this "cashier" questioning MY INTEGRITY. Honey, you work for Wal Mart - not the FBI. My integrity says i've got a sick kid, a sick husband and don't want to waste my 3$ per gallon gas on running back and forth to stores to get enough sudafed to last the freakin' week. Yes, big brother must protect my from myself yet again. After all, I might have a dope lab in my garage. I say, gather up all the drug addicts and drug dealers, put them on an island, and let them have at it till the drugs are all used up, the drug addicts dead and there's no market anymore. Then there will be no drug trade.
AND I mean it.