Friday, November 22, 2013

Steampunk unLimited

My new favorite outfit, thrifted skirt, jacket from one of the sale sites on Facebook, belt bag by me.

The weekend of November 16-17 will go down in history as the day the past met the future at The Strasburg Railroad.  I was involved in the planning of this event from the very start when a new steampunk buddy of mine asked for volunteers to meet with The Strasburg Railroad to advise them in creating a steampunk event.  I was the only one who showed for that first meeting.  I did my best to convey what steampunk was, how to attract vendors, what kind of things Steampunks were interested in and how amazing an event like this could be.  Well, it was amazing.  I mean, real steam operated vehicles! Trains! You can't get any more steampunk. So here are some pictures of my outfits for this weekend.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Hauntings! Day of the Dead Blog Hop

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I love dressing up (big surprise, right?) I have been known to have large, fabulous halloween parties in my day, hang out on South Street in Philly, dress up in costumes that others may find ridiculous or have multiple costume changes in a single evening.  I have been known to tell people if they weren't going to dress up they might as well not come to my parties. Well, they wouldn't have had any fun anyway.  So when the opportunity came up to participate in a blog hop celebrating my favorite holiday and jewelry, well, I couldn't say no!

My story starts with my inspiration -
I love everything about the day, and honoring the dead is a part of the holiday.  So it's no surprise that this year I was very influenced by Dias de los Muertos or "Day of the Dead."  You can learn more about this Mexican holiday which is actually celebrated November 1-2 at Day of the Dead - Wikipedia. I bought some of this bright fabric to make myself a dress for an event in New Jersey "Chiller Theater." In my last post you saw the jewelry I made to go with this outfit - but oh there's more!!

  First I'd like to share e a necklace with this amazing sugar skull focal by Staci Louise. I was so inspired by her style that I have to say the whole necklace is inspired by her. The crosspiece component in between the stick pearls is made by her too - both focal pieces are polymer clay brass. I added some pearl drops and some Swarovski crystals on some antique brass chain and some beaded connectors as well.  This is MINE! But I have another smaller focal  that will be made into jewelry for sale, later - ;)

Next up we have a piece I made for Philly Comic con this year - a collar with components made by me.  The bat focal was completely hand made, cut out of brass, filed, sanded, etched and textured by me, and all by hand.  The clockwork focal on the collar was also made by me and functions as a separate pin which can be worn by itself.

All the keys to Gotham City
Removable pin centerpiece
Some close ups of the accents to this lovely piece.

And the matching earrings - etched and torched to make the interesting colors in brass, copper and stainless

And here a picture of the jewelry being worn by me at Comic Con -
 My eyes look a little crossed, but that's okay, lol!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little Halloween celebration here on my blog.  Look for new jewelry to be added to my shop at!

Now go on and check out all the other blogs in the blog hop for your Day of the Dead Jewelry inspiration!!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Halloween Preview

Thought I'd share some jewelry I made for this weekend at chiller to go with my new pinup dress -

Here's the dress I made - you will see it again later this week actually on me for my blog hop blog - what's a blog hop? You'll see!
And a matching Headband!


Here's my very colorful necklace to go with it!

You have to see both sides right?

Matching Earrings!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update on Shows

I've added one new one - and I still have yet to decide what I'm doing for my open house this year.  Attendance has been spotty, even with opening it up to more weekends, so I think I'm going back to just one weekend and we'll see how it goes -

Landis Woods Outdoor Art Show - always the last Saturday in September, (the 28th this year) held in a lovely wooded area in Neffsville, PA.  For more information "Like" our facebook page at Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show.

Steampunk unLimited - Strasburg Railroad is putting on a Steampunk weekend at the railroad - the STEAM powered railroad.  Lots of vendors, riding the train, absynthe tasting, a dinner, tea - oh my but it's going to be a fun weekend - November 16 and 17.  More info here Steampunk Unlimited.

*New Event* The Gilded Festival -  Dorian's Parlor is hosting a new event and they are inviting the whole family. Dorian's is an over-21 event but on Thanksgiving weekend, they are opening up the neo-victorian (Steampunk) fun to everyone!  More info can be found here The Gilded Festival.

Now - watch this space, well, not this space but the next blog entry because I will be partaking in my first blog hop - and jewelry will be featured - Day of the Dead jewelry!!  So, to hold you over, because I just don't post enough of myself in costume:

Friday, June 07, 2013

So Much Steampunk to Share

I have had such an exciting couple of months, from my first Steampunk World's Fair to one of the best Craft Shows I have the privilege of participating in at Byers' Choice.  On to some pictures!!!

Group shot of me and my friends - Emilia, me, Diana and Sue.  Not many people know this but Sue and I have been friends for more than 10 years, met doing poetry readings and now I have led her astray into the world of Steampunk!

In this shot - after the wedding pictured in the next photo (yes, there was a wedding at Steampunk World's Fair!!) We had a little Damsel in this Dress meetup where we are all wearing our corsets made by - you guessed it - Damsel in this Dress!!

Kaeryn and Terry - looking splendid as they marry on a rainy but wonderful day, the tent was dry but our eyes were not -

My first major hat purchase - I am on the left, Sue is on the right with our major statement hats from Mrs. Pettigrews.
All in all -so much fun, so busy on Sunday I barely had time to stick my head out of my room!!  Seriously a wonderful event.  We had a lovely trinket swap which I will post about next time, with pictures, a wedding, wonderful tea with the ladies of the Guild of Extraordinary Gentlewomen and Steam Powered Giraffe - and that was only SATURDAY!! 
Now - a little preview to Philadelphia Comic con -  

and I will leave you with that - a time machine - inside a time machine - think on that for a while!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated Show List

Just wanted to make sure everyone has an updates list of my shows scheduled so far this year -

Byers' Choice Craft Show - Mother's Day weekend, May 11-12.  Admission is $6 per person at door. $5 pre-sale. Free admission for children 12 and younger. I have free passes for the first 20 people who request them at  The Byers' Choice Craft Show is located at Byers' Choice headquarters in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 4355 County Line Road, Chalfont, PA 18914. More information can be found here Byers' Choice Craft Show.

Steampunk World's Fair - that's right, not a local, not just the US but a WORLD's fair!!  You can find me in the room vending area in room 143.  I will also have tea and scones while they last! More information at  May17-19.

Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show - I will be in my usual space 5 for this outstanding show on Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday only.  "Like" us on facebook to see a preview of the artists who will be featured.  Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show facebook page.  August 31 and September 1.

Landis Woods Outdoor Art Show - always the last Saturday in September, (the 28th this year) held in a lovely wooded area in Neffsville, PA.  For more information "Like" our facebook page at Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show.

Steampunk unLimited - Strasburg Railroad is putting on a Steampunk weekend at the railroad - the STEAM powered railroad.  Lots of vendors, riding the train, absynthe tasting, a dinner, tea - oh my but it's going to be a fun weekend - November 16 and 17.  More info here Steampunk Unlimited.

There may be additions of a couple of shows over the summer, but it's been a busy few months and I may just need some time off to make new jewelry! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gettysburg and Beyond!!

What a truly fabulous weekend.  If you attended, you would find it was hard to believe this was a first year event.  What fun!!   So here are some pictures! Because we all know that's what you want to see!!
Me and my new favorite Captain Jack Cosplayer - so sorry I didn't get him in his Mad Scientist costume because it was really cool.  His name was Colin and he told me that he was named after the 6th Doctor - he must have some really cool parents!!

This guy had a different costume every 5 minutes it seemed all weekend, including a Phantom of the Opera - but this robot puppet was pretty cool!

Obligatory booth shot -

New friend Karen (left) who is getting married at Steampunk World's Fair!! and there were lots of Steampunk kids and families there - LOVED IT!!

Steampunk Suffragette! What!!??!!
Me and Sue - Love the teal and brown!  What a great look for her and this was my fun legging look for Saturday with my new Bustle skirt with the trim added.

Me and Nigel - kinda Snapey and creepy looking, especially on Saturday night (after a few 7$ drinks - yes 7$$$$ for a cranberry and Vodka - bringing my own booze to SPWF!)  but I have decided to think of him as the "Voice of God" and I'm no longer afraid of him.  (Does anyone get that reference??)
So there's the lowdown on my weekend.  I even got to take a class called "Kicking ass in a Corset" with Mark Donnelly - and it was fun beating up on Alex and Jesse.  I learned a lot, including that even when they tell me to kick harder I shouldn't - ouch!  I am hoping someone has more pictures of that -
Next up you will see me at Byers' Choice Mother's Day Craft Show in Chalfont, PA.  I have free passes so don't hesitate to hit me up for them.  This is a really lovely show with a great variety of talented vendors and all handmade. 
Until next time!!  When hopefully I will have some new work to show you and more info on new shows!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Weekend at Zenkaikon

People have been telling my to try my luck at Anime Cons for a while - for those of you who don't know - Anime is Japanese cartoons and comics - for us old folks think of Speed Racer and Kimba the White Lion - for the younger crowd, well, you guys know what it is.  So, since Zenkaikon was taking place in Lancaster this year, booth prices were reasonable (although electricity for your booth was NOT, c'mon folks $50 a day??) I signed up for a booth.  Thursday drop off and set up was a breeze, I arrived Friday morning with a helper and set up my jewelry in about an hour and a half and I was ready to go.  Friday sales were brisk and I brought in more stuff Saturday to replace what was sold. Saturday sales were just about non-existent but my Mom came to keep my company and that was great.  She loved seeing all the costumes and the kids - she loves kids.  So - on to some photos -
So here are Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and the darling lovely from Brave (which I haven't seen yet so I don't know her name) Check out the makeup job - AWESOME!

Where else do you keep your sonic screwdrivers except in your tool drawer?

Best costume of the day- Pinup Captain America - I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful Cosplay! Oh yes, that's me in my Avenger's corset - and my Tony Stark Tee

Here's my friend Red Bettie - as Rose from Doctor Who - I had never seen her cosplay this before and she was spot on!

Me and my Whovian buddies - these guys go to a lot of cons and events dressed in their characters and are so much fun to hang out with - unfortunately I was not dressed in my 10th Doctor Fem Steampunk on Sunday - but oh - watch out below because here I am -

Now the other thing about Cons that I love are all the artists so I managed to pick up some artwork while i was there from a couple of women who had fantastic artwork.  First was
and one of the pieces I wound up with was this
She also had a Wonder Woman which I picked up - beautiful, you need to go check out her stuff. 
The other artist was had some wonderful Steampunk art that I just had to have - She also had pieces in a more sizes which I really liked because I'm running out of room with my Greg Horns and my Kristen Millers (my daughter) and in an 8x10 size these will fit in nicely in smaller but more visible places -  Her name was Julia Lichty - and I bought three pieces of hers, but one is a gift for a friends and will remain secret!
The Tinkerer - Ikkicon 2010 - Click Image to Close
This is called "The Tinkerer and you can get it here -
So that's a little wrap up of my weekend, many thanks to all those who stopped by my booth to say hi, to buy, to help me pass the time.  I loved meeting each and every one of you, seeing my old friends and making new ones! 
Next weekend you can find me at vending and once again dressing up in corsets!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

More Steampunk and other Goodness!

My, the steamy goodness keeps adding up!  First of all, a non-steam event, lol.  I did hear back from Byers' Choice and will be participating in their Second annual Mother's Day Craft Show.  This was a very nice show last year, lots of variety, lots of talented artists - between this and Heart of Lancaster I must say, if you have the chance, try to make it.  Byers' Choice is in Chalfont, PA and the show is held Mother's day weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  If you're planning on going send me an e-mail.  I have free tickets I can mail out to you!

More information can be found at

In other news, I'm also going to be showing at the Strasburg Railroad's event, Steampunk unLimited on November 16-17.  I was there last weekend taking place in a photo shoot, so here I am in all my steampunk glory with some other local Steampunks -
I finished the overskirt just the night before and threw together the outfit to match - btw, these are my Idris cosplay boots and I LOVE them!!
So there's the update for the week, two more shows and a few pictures of what steampunk can be - cause it can be a lot of things as you saw from the comments last week.  Can't wait to see the professional shots from last weekend's shoot -


Friday, March 08, 2013

The Schedule Keeps adding UP!

I received official word the other day that I will be "room" vending at Steampunk World's Fair.  I am so very excited.  First of all my husband will be accompanying me which should be fun - there are sleep number beds, so he is excited, it's my first SPWF and if Wicked Faire was any indication - SPWF is going to be a blast.  I've never done room vending before so I'm not really sure what all to pack for display pieces but I will eventually figure it out. 
It occurred to me while writing this that many of you are wondering what Steampunk is - most things you can look up and get a cohesive idea of what I'm talking about - Doctor Who is of course a TV show, Star Trek - most people know, Comic Con - well - the gathering of the geeks and nerds but Steampunk?  Now it seems the Steampunk community enjoys arguing about the definition - I'm going to tell you what steampunk means to me - (that way no one can argue with me, right?) 
Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite place on earth is and always has been, Cape May, NJ.  I have been going there since I was 4 years old -
I love Victorian architecture, decor and yes, the clothes.  I love tea and manners and hats.  But I also love science fiction, medicine, and ghosts (things Victorians were enamoured of as well.)  I love anything English.  Steampunk wraps all these up and puts a little spin on it.  Imagine if we all still wore Victorian clothes to do our daily jobs; what would that look like?  And instead of gas - our vehicles were still run on steam?  Instead of throwing things out and replacing them - we took them apart and repurposed them?  What would the world look like then? 

This is Steampunk -
Steampunk is inclusive - don't pay attention to the bickering that goes on in some groups - I hesitate to even mention it, but it does exist as it does in any group where people congregate - but there are people from all walks of life - kids up to - well, I don't know how old the oldest steampunk is, but I can imagine that maybe they were alive when these clothes really were in fashion!!  I have seen people up into their 70s at least and many of us are middle aged.  Some people buy their costumes, some make them, some repurpose from Goodwill - some (me) do all 3!  Steampunk has awakened my love of sewing again! 

And as many that look at me askance when I tell them what I've been into lately - they listen -  and some jump the fence to the darkside, where there's tea, and scones and many tasty treats - 

One more thing - Corsets - don't knock it till you've tried it - they are amazing for your body - comfortable if they fit right and when you're working the floor of a con - they keep your back from hurting - really!  I seriously wonder why we ever stopped wearing them!  I do so much better at shows when I'm wearing one.

See ya next week - when I am panicking about how much I have to make yet for Zenkaikon!!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Why I Do Craft and Art Shows

Last week I posted on why I added Cons (conventions) to my shows.  This week I'd like to post on why I continue to do some Craft and Art Shows and why I choose carefully the ones I do. 
Several of my shows I have been doing since the beginning - Landis Woods Art Show and Heart of Lancaster have been on my schedule for going on 8 or 9 years now.  They are well run, invite only handcrafters and artists and are local.  This builds my local business and those people are the ones that come to my open house.  I also did a show last year for the first time in Chalfont, PA - Byers Choice (that I hope to do again this year but haven't heard from yet) which shared those qualities.  I don't do shows that invite vendors - vendors are people who sell ready-made items.  Basically, they are reselling for a company.  I have nothing against vendors, I was a Mary Kay Consultant for many years and loved it.  But, in a show in which vendors and crafters are competing, my experience has been that the crafter always loses.  I am cultivating a clientele that appreciate the hand made.  My customers are people who appreciate wearing something different and don't want to be the same as everyone else.  I want you, when you wear my jewelry, to feel special, to know that you're not going to see the same thing on the next five women (or men) that walk down the street.  When people see you, I want them to notice that there is something unique about you, something special.  They may not see the jewelry right off, but they will know there was something different and interesting about you. 
I do make some items that look similar, but I make them in 5s or 6s, not 100s.  And generally - my jewelry is customizable, I can change it on the spot (most of the time) to suit you or you can special order something. 
So, now to highlight some of my one of a kind items -

Hand beaded Collar with Mother of Pearl Cabs and Fringe - not listed in my shop but you can e-mail me for details - $825 -

Thanks for reading, thanks for looking, and much thanks for any words of encouragement or purchases.  You make it possible for me to pursue my art!