Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Upcoming Shows

So, I will be at Landis Woods on Saturday - 9-5 in Neffsville at the Landis Woods Outdoor Art Show, then next month at RocCon PA in Harrisburg.  After this I will have my annual open house but I'm doing things a little differently this year.  I will be open by appointment all during December and will be posting my hours weekly on Facebook.  Don't have Facebook - don't worry, just call and let me know when you want to come by!  Next year (yes, I'm already booking next year) I will be part of a new event in Gettysburg - Steampunk@Gettysburg.  at the end of March - what is Steampunk you ask?  Well, simply put it's kind of a Victorian Science Fiction movement of Art, Fashion and music.  We dress up in Victorian Clothes, wear our corsets on the outside, turn nerf guns into ray guns and drink tea.  We are also very nice to each other, treat each other with respect and wear hats.  I also am waiting for confirmation on another event in February that if I'm not mistaken I will be doing but I haven't received the official "official" word yet.  So, I'm sitting on that one until it's signed in blood. 
Here are some links -
Landis Woods - September 29th
and on facebook

RocCon PA - October 28th

Steampunk At Gettysburg March 29-31

More to come!!