Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Booth Set up!!

Okay, got to try out my new booth set up today, and I think it looked really nice. Let me know opinions. And don't forget, only 3 more days to sign up for the monthly blog candy by making comments on this blog by September 30th!!

One of the new things in my booth are plexiglass shelves, held up by glass block. I bought 7 glass blocks, on sale at Home Depot for 2$ each, they were on clearance, weird shape but it worked for me. I bought a big piece of plexiglas, and they don't cut it. Tried to do it myself, but it didn't go well. Note to self - it's not as easy to cut plexiglas as the guy made it out to be. I took it to the local hardware store and they cut it. Note to self - buy it at home depot - it's cheaper, but pay them to cut it at the local hardware store.

Also, used little bowls with nifty electric tealight in it covered with rocks. Looked really cute. Also put tealights behind glass block, really really cute. All in all, had a lot of positive comments on the set up and great sales as well until it started pouring rain. Oh well.

In the center I have a picture frame to protect some of my more valuable items and really show them off. Special items I'm either really proud of or took a lot of time or made of precious metals.

I really like this set up, easier to set up, a cinch to break down (did I mention rain?) and I really think it showcases my work. Let me know if you have any comments, what things you like to see at shows, what kinds of booths attract you and so on. Thanks for looking!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26

Tomorrow, I will be out, in the rain all day at Landis Woods in Neffsville. Landis Woods is a lovely little park off 501 and Landis Valley Road. Stop by and see me. And bring chai from Wawa. Lots and lots of hot chai. Dress warm, bring an umbrella and wear sturdy shoes. I'm guessing the ground will be soft. This is a great show, lots of fantastic art and it's a shame that the weather will be less than cooperative.

On a brighter note - - - TADA - - -Finished the previously mentioned fringe necklace which I have so named "Gift from the Sea." Gosh it's beautiful (if I do say so myself.) I love when I finish one of these. If you want to see it in its lovely entirety, please check out my new shop at Purchase information is there as well.

I'm just testing the new shop, but the really nice thing, well lots of nice things, is that there's no listing fee, you can donate proceeds to the rain forest, and it's underwritten by One of my favorite rubber stamp sites. I've gotten some really great supplies from them as well.

I will still be updating my web site, and am investigating different options for photographing my work. Luckily I have some guidance from my sister the photographer, and I some background on my end as well. Here's a closeup of my new necklace, enjoy your weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Post

Well, it's Friday again. We have, as of this writing, 7 entries for the earrings. That's pretty good odds. I wish you all well and thanks for posting. Contest ends September 30th and anyone can enter up to then. I've added a couple of things to my blog, tweaking and changing it around. If I missed putting anything up that I had before, please let me know. It was kinda wonky trying to get it all back together.

Below you can see what I'm working on now - a new fringe necklace called "Gifts from the Sea." It's all done in blues and whites with pearls and Swarovski in blues and crystals for accents. I'm lovin' it. Really pretty. In this picture I have about 2/3 of one more row of embellishment to do and should finish it by next Saturday for the Landis Woods art show. Anyone wanting to see what a finished "branched fringe" necklace looks like can check my web site. This is the third one I've made and if you've never seen one in person, it's because once I finish one, it doesn't stay on the display too long - 1-2 shows and someone snaps them up.

Booth display photos - I am working on a new booth display and it is evolving, let me know what you think . . . which booth would you be most tempted to stop into?

Flylady update. I'm still cleaning out the house. Filled up the van last night for goodwill and we have another van load ready to go. Man, we have a lot of stuff we don't need! And that's just this week, less than 15 minutes a day. Other things I have done this week - cleaned the counter and sink in bathroom, cleaned out the kids and my sock drawers, washed the floor in the kitchen, washed the bottom and back of the toilet, cleaned the stove, and began cleaning out the "craft closet." The work is starting to show. It's so much easier having someone give me an assignment every day. This I can deal with. The house is still a mess, but it's better than it was before. And my favorite flylady saying - a chore done wrong still blesses your home. Wow, you mean it doesn't have to be perfect??? Ths kids are pitching in and learning how to keep things clean. My older one is fussing about it, truth be told, she's very neat - but has too much stuff and won't let go of any of it. My younger one is jumping right in, would rather give away stuff than have to put it away. Go figure.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday News and Blog Candy

This is my first Friday update. The plan is that each Friday I will be updating my blog - barring weeks that I'm off Monday and have to work my other J.O.B. on Friday. Even then, I plan on at least planning the update into my day.

Heres the real news - Blog Candy is coming. What is blog candy you ask? Will it make me fat? Inquiring minds want to know!! Blog candy is a free giveaway on a blog. ON some blogs it may indeed be fattening, but on mine, the giveaway will be jewelry, and since my jewelry sometimes has sharp pointy bits, I don't recommend eating it. Now I know that many of my dedicated followers are not computer savvy, but here's your chance to find out what blogging is all about, get updates on W Jewelry Designs, and say Hi and let me know you are out there.

I will begin posting my blog candy today with these earrings pictured above. A fun, fall frolic-y kinda earring with vintage tulip, czech glass and pearl beads that swing from a sterling french hoop ear wire.

How do I get these earrings? Post a comment to my blog below this entry with your e-mail so I can contact you if you win. Tell me what you like on my blog, what you want to know more about, what colors you are looking for in jewelry, what you think of the fact that I own ferrets, cats and a rat, how you know me or what you had for breakfast. Or just say hi!! It's easy. On September 30th, I will take all the names and pick a winner using a randomizing program. So, e-mail all your friends and family and tell them about blog candy!! I am planning on offering a prize a month. Also, if you're local to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania locale, take a minute to e-mail me your home address and I'll put you on my mailing list to receive an invitation to my open house in November. Ths invitations are cute and give you a discount on your purchase during the open house.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be in Hummelstown at their annual Arts Festival 9:30 AM until 5 PM. This is a lovely show along the main street in Hummelstown. Can't find me at the festival? Call my cell 717-371-3726, I'll have it on all day and I'll guide you to me.
I'd also like to share a link that is helping to get my house clean.
I am not a BO (born organized) person. Those of you who have been to my house can attest to this, but this web site is helping me to de-clutter, clean and organize my house. I am only on day 4, taking baby steps toward this, but already I have a spotless sink - no really, it's spotless!! The kitchen counter on 3 ft either side is CLEAN and today I polished the stovetop and vacuumed the floor. I still have lots to go, but by taking these baby steps I think I can do this and finally have the home I've dreamed of, still leaving lots of time, more time even for my creative mind to play. Best of all, it's free. It's like instant blog candy for the soul!! I'm telling you, if you're like me - and I know I'm not the only creative - unorganized - house always needs to be cleaned - stressed out person - this web site will change your life, your home, your family!
Best to all of you,