Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated Show List

Just wanted to make sure everyone has an updates list of my shows scheduled so far this year -

Byers' Choice Craft Show - Mother's Day weekend, May 11-12.  Admission is $6 per person at door. $5 pre-sale. Free admission for children 12 and younger. I have free passes for the first 20 people who request them at  The Byers' Choice Craft Show is located at Byers' Choice headquarters in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 4355 County Line Road, Chalfont, PA 18914. More information can be found here Byers' Choice Craft Show.

Steampunk World's Fair - that's right, not a local, not just the US but a WORLD's fair!!  You can find me in the room vending area in room 143.  I will also have tea and scones while they last! More information at  May17-19.

Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show - I will be in my usual space 5 for this outstanding show on Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday only.  "Like" us on facebook to see a preview of the artists who will be featured.  Heart of Lancaster Arts and Craft Show facebook page.  August 31 and September 1.

Landis Woods Outdoor Art Show - always the last Saturday in September, (the 28th this year) held in a lovely wooded area in Neffsville, PA.  For more information "Like" our facebook page at Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show.

Steampunk unLimited - Strasburg Railroad is putting on a Steampunk weekend at the railroad - the STEAM powered railroad.  Lots of vendors, riding the train, absynthe tasting, a dinner, tea - oh my but it's going to be a fun weekend - November 16 and 17.  More info here Steampunk Unlimited.

There may be additions of a couple of shows over the summer, but it's been a busy few months and I may just need some time off to make new jewelry! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gettysburg and Beyond!!

What a truly fabulous weekend.  If you attended, you would find it was hard to believe this was a first year event.  What fun!!   So here are some pictures! Because we all know that's what you want to see!!
Me and my new favorite Captain Jack Cosplayer - so sorry I didn't get him in his Mad Scientist costume because it was really cool.  His name was Colin and he told me that he was named after the 6th Doctor - he must have some really cool parents!!

This guy had a different costume every 5 minutes it seemed all weekend, including a Phantom of the Opera - but this robot puppet was pretty cool!

Obligatory booth shot -

New friend Karen (left) who is getting married at Steampunk World's Fair!! and there were lots of Steampunk kids and families there - LOVED IT!!

Steampunk Suffragette! What!!??!!
Me and Sue - Love the teal and brown!  What a great look for her and this was my fun legging look for Saturday with my new Bustle skirt with the trim added.

Me and Nigel - kinda Snapey and creepy looking, especially on Saturday night (after a few 7$ drinks - yes 7$$$$ for a cranberry and Vodka - bringing my own booze to SPWF!)  but I have decided to think of him as the "Voice of God" and I'm no longer afraid of him.  (Does anyone get that reference??)
So there's the lowdown on my weekend.  I even got to take a class called "Kicking ass in a Corset" with Mark Donnelly - and it was fun beating up on Alex and Jesse.  I learned a lot, including that even when they tell me to kick harder I shouldn't - ouch!  I am hoping someone has more pictures of that -
Next up you will see me at Byers' Choice Mother's Day Craft Show in Chalfont, PA.  I have free passes so don't hesitate to hit me up for them.  This is a really lovely show with a great variety of talented vendors and all handmade. 
Until next time!!  When hopefully I will have some new work to show you and more info on new shows!!