Friday, February 02, 2007

My latest idea, compliments of a swap-bot swap. I think it's a good idea to make an inspiration box. A box you can put things into that could inspire you in times of idea famine or just to get you thinking "outside" the box. Here's a list of things you could put in it:
foreign coins
vintage or really cool buttons
hand made or textured paper
any kind of fibers,
a couple of pages from a dictionary or paperback
watch parts
an earring that's missing it's mate
vintage photos
vintage or unusual beads
something shiny you found on the street (that's clean, i hope,)
fortune from a fortune cookie,
poem that you found in a book that spoke to you or a copy of your favorite poem
pen in an unusual color or form
pencil with a pattern on it
A photo of your summer vacation, a sunset, a sunrise or a rock that you found interesting
A story from your newspaper
dried flower or some seeds
ticket from a movie or concert or play or any event
matchbox or pack from a local restaurant
memo pad with a picture on the front
lucky penny
brochure from your town or any flyer that has pictures on it
something from your "junk" drawer
something you found in your father's desk drawer (my dad had political pins in his, i will have to ask if he still has them, it'd be nice to scan and use on ATC's for ephemera)
that thing that keeps floating around your house cause you don't know where to put it
magazine article
something from your sewing box
an advertisement for a piece of jewelry you could never afford but is breathtaking
one of those kid's erasers in a fun shape, like sponge bob or something
something out of a gumball machine

feel free to post your ideas and i'll add them. This article/post is copyrighted, this article may not be reprinted without permission, so please ask before you post it to your web site, I'll probably say yes if you give me credit and I would be happy to create a link to drive traffic to your site.

I will be posting a picture of my box and its contents when i finish it.

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