Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May ATC Technique
This is the first ATC technique I ever tried. I can’t find the link, so I can’t credit the originator.
Materials needed
Acrylic paint, 3 colors
A playing card for a base
a page from a book, dictionary – any text will do
a rubber stamp - focal image
rubber stamp - background text or script
black pigment ink
a cosmetic sponge
Directions: Smush your acrylic paint on your playing card, lightest to darkest in this manner – lightest in the center, darker on left, darkest on right, don’t clean the sponge in between and don’t worry if the card shows through. Add paint till you’re happy with it. Feel free to blend paint together over each other or whatever. Let dry.
Add a piece of text from the dictionary, book or even a phone book to the left side, angled up toward the right. Use a glue stick or whatever your favorite adhesive is.

Add text to the right side, angled up toward the left

you may want to add a background text stamp here in a subtle color, or maybe a metallic

Ink up your focal stamp and stamp slightly above center and to the right or left
Let dry and add some decorative tissue paper, vellum or napkins work great too.
Add more text if you feel like it needs it.
Embellish with a charm or fiber.
Feel free to experiment and substitute different materials, put the text in a different place, use an image instead of rubber stamping one. Post about your difficulties and successes, your experiments and your ideas. This is a starting place. Have fun.

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