Saturday, April 12, 2008

More new jewelry and Class announcements

More new classes being offered through the Lancaster County Art Association for Summer!! Check them out at The new classes may not have been added yet, but they will be soon. Their webmaster, Ginny is really FAST! Well, besides the fact that I was the last teacher scheduled. Thank goodness I'd been thinking of this and planning for my next classes. I will be doing an extended workshop in the fall. I'm still mulling over ideas and getting my act together on that one.

Earrings Earrings Earrings Wednesday June 25 6-8 PM. Learn to make at least four different designs, learn crimping, working with silver and gold filled square wire, silver plated beading wire, and wire wrapped loops. All the techniques to make anything you want.

Pearl Bracelet with Vintage Button Closure Wednesday July 30 6-8 PM. Learn how to make a triple bracelet with a button closure. Learn crimping and stringing with beading wire. Simple design, elegant effect.

Two drop Peyote Cuff Saturday August 2 9-12. Learn the two drop peyote stitch and how to embellish after creating the cuff bracelet. Use a button or traditional clasp for the bracelet, your choice!!

New jewelry

I have just been in love with wire lately and was trying to design something inspired by the Frida Kahlo Exhibit in Philadelphia at the Art Museum that I will be attending this Friday. I am a big big big Frida groupie. Wierd, I know, check out her art though. It is so raw, so real, so inspiring in color and content for me. So, I needed new jewelry. Here are some earrings and a necklace I made. The earrings are so big that I really can't wear them with the necklace so I'm making new earrings that will be a little smaller so that I can wear them together.

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