Friday, June 26, 2009

Notes from the bench

Making some funky earrings today and ordered some more colored wire to make some other jewelry. Drinking chai and trying to work but this has been one weird week. Lost Ed McMahon, David Carridine, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. As we get older I suppose death becomes a more frequent and real thing as we lose our idols. I, for one, was never really "into" any of the aforementioned yet I feel their deaths as if personal and offer my condolences to all the families involved. It's a sad thing to lose a family member and I guess after losing my grandmother just a couple of months ago it hits closer to home than usual. My immediate and extended family has also had to deal with illnesses, deaths, job losses, injuries and so many other things lately and I am so grateful to have such support on both sides of the family - mine and my husband's. Of course we've also had good things and are looking forward to two new additions as well. Such is the circle of life . . .

Blessings to all of you and look for new pictures later today of some fun jewelry to cheer you up or give you a distraction.

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