Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to get busy

Okay, time to get back to work and get busy. I have new photos of jewelry to post and will get up on my site. I have plenty of materials to make new stuff and of course lots of projects started. I also have some commissions coming up, a wedding and some other pieces I have been asked to do. It's a slow start to the year, my office is still in disarray since the holidays, was hoping to clean it up some today but was totally unmotivated. How's this for a dillemna? - want to work on new jewelry but workbench is a mess, but unmotivated to clean it up. Time to start the flylady timer and do 15 minutes at a time, I can do that, right? Oh, and wanted to add the complete Use the Muse contest entry, I didn't win, or even place, but I stretched my imagination and love this design!!

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