Friday, March 26, 2010

Chai time!

I am reinstating Chai time. I have been far to busy the past few weeks for my liking. No time for jewelry! So this morning, what am I doing? Getting organized from last year for taxes. Every year I promise not to do this to myself, and every year it happens again. I am just not the one to take care of details like my receipts so I drive myself crazy every March. The thing is, I procrastinate like crazy, but in reality, it only takes about two hours to get everything added up once i have it all in one place. You would think I could figure out how to do it in just few minutes a day or week and have it all done come January!

This year I am also on the Conestoga Valley Post Prom Committee and have been busy designing things for that. I can not be any more specific under penalty of death. Stay tuned also for my next entry into Bead the Muse - almost wrote Bed the Muse - that would be something very different, especially for those of you who know who my muses are . . . I'll just post a pic or two and you can go from there . . .

Okay, they may not be jewelry muses, but they inspire me. Enjoy the eye candy!

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