Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gettysburg and Beyond!!

What a truly fabulous weekend.  If you attended, you would find it was hard to believe this was a first year event.  What fun!!   So here are some pictures! Because we all know that's what you want to see!!
Me and my new favorite Captain Jack Cosplayer - so sorry I didn't get him in his Mad Scientist costume because it was really cool.  His name was Colin and he told me that he was named after the 6th Doctor - he must have some really cool parents!!

This guy had a different costume every 5 minutes it seemed all weekend, including a Phantom of the Opera - but this robot puppet was pretty cool!

Obligatory booth shot -

New friend Karen (left) who is getting married at Steampunk World's Fair!! and there were lots of Steampunk kids and families there - LOVED IT!!

Steampunk Suffragette! What!!??!!
Me and Sue - Love the teal and brown!  What a great look for her and this was my fun legging look for Saturday with my new Bustle skirt with the trim added.

Me and Nigel - kinda Snapey and creepy looking, especially on Saturday night (after a few 7$ drinks - yes 7$$$$ for a cranberry and Vodka - bringing my own booze to SPWF!)  but I have decided to think of him as the "Voice of God" and I'm no longer afraid of him.  (Does anyone get that reference??)
So there's the lowdown on my weekend.  I even got to take a class called "Kicking ass in a Corset" with Mark Donnelly - and it was fun beating up on Alex and Jesse.  I learned a lot, including that even when they tell me to kick harder I shouldn't - ouch!  I am hoping someone has more pictures of that -
Next up you will see me at Byers' Choice Mother's Day Craft Show in Chalfont, PA.  I have free passes so don't hesitate to hit me up for them.  This is a really lovely show with a great variety of talented vendors and all handmade. 
Until next time!!  When hopefully I will have some new work to show you and more info on new shows!!

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Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, kicking ass in a corset sounds like fun! I haven't kicked ass in a while, let alone in a corset! I also need to learn some good parasol self defence now I have a pretty parasol/ umbrella. ha ha.