Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Pictures

Finally have some new pictures to upload of some of the work I've been doing.
First - a new studio set up which has since been changed:

I decided that I didn't have enough room to move around so I switched the white storage unit to in front of the other wall of windows and swung the desk around 180 degrees but am going to swing it back 90 so the back of my desk totally faces the room.

This next piece is a wire wrapped dichroic pendant with a herringbone spiral strap. The strap had been laying around for a couple of years waiting for a centerpiece, this worked out well. Who says I never finish anything?? Sometimes it's just not ready to be finished!

Two views of a swirl wire earring with a post for those of you who like that rather than the kidney wire drop style. A lovely hammered finish applied cause I, well, I like hitting things with a hammer! Available with almost any swarovski crystal accent, in gold filled, sterling silver or copper. I'm sure I could make these out of the artistic wire if you're so inclined as well in any other color, not sure if I can hammer that, will have to experiment and see.

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