Friday, March 15, 2013

More Steampunk and other Goodness!

My, the steamy goodness keeps adding up!  First of all, a non-steam event, lol.  I did hear back from Byers' Choice and will be participating in their Second annual Mother's Day Craft Show.  This was a very nice show last year, lots of variety, lots of talented artists - between this and Heart of Lancaster I must say, if you have the chance, try to make it.  Byers' Choice is in Chalfont, PA and the show is held Mother's day weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  If you're planning on going send me an e-mail.  I have free tickets I can mail out to you!

More information can be found at

In other news, I'm also going to be showing at the Strasburg Railroad's event, Steampunk unLimited on November 16-17.  I was there last weekend taking place in a photo shoot, so here I am in all my steampunk glory with some other local Steampunks -
I finished the overskirt just the night before and threw together the outfit to match - btw, these are my Idris cosplay boots and I LOVE them!!
So there's the update for the week, two more shows and a few pictures of what steampunk can be - cause it can be a lot of things as you saw from the comments last week.  Can't wait to see the professional shots from last weekend's shoot -


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