Friday, June 07, 2013

So Much Steampunk to Share

I have had such an exciting couple of months, from my first Steampunk World's Fair to one of the best Craft Shows I have the privilege of participating in at Byers' Choice.  On to some pictures!!!

Group shot of me and my friends - Emilia, me, Diana and Sue.  Not many people know this but Sue and I have been friends for more than 10 years, met doing poetry readings and now I have led her astray into the world of Steampunk!

In this shot - after the wedding pictured in the next photo (yes, there was a wedding at Steampunk World's Fair!!) We had a little Damsel in this Dress meetup where we are all wearing our corsets made by - you guessed it - Damsel in this Dress!!

Kaeryn and Terry - looking splendid as they marry on a rainy but wonderful day, the tent was dry but our eyes were not -

My first major hat purchase - I am on the left, Sue is on the right with our major statement hats from Mrs. Pettigrews.
All in all -so much fun, so busy on Sunday I barely had time to stick my head out of my room!!  Seriously a wonderful event.  We had a lovely trinket swap which I will post about next time, with pictures, a wedding, wonderful tea with the ladies of the Guild of Extraordinary Gentlewomen and Steam Powered Giraffe - and that was only SATURDAY!! 
Now - a little preview to Philadelphia Comic con -  

and I will leave you with that - a time machine - inside a time machine - think on that for a while!!

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Laura Morrigan said...

Ooooh I love all the outfits!

Now those certainly ARE statement hats! Love them! I definitely need a hat like that!