Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26

Tomorrow, I will be out, in the rain all day at Landis Woods in Neffsville. Landis Woods is a lovely little park off 501 and Landis Valley Road. Stop by and see me. And bring chai from Wawa. Lots and lots of hot chai. Dress warm, bring an umbrella and wear sturdy shoes. I'm guessing the ground will be soft. This is a great show, lots of fantastic art and it's a shame that the weather will be less than cooperative.

On a brighter note - - - TADA - - -Finished the previously mentioned fringe necklace which I have so named "Gift from the Sea." Gosh it's beautiful (if I do say so myself.) I love when I finish one of these. If you want to see it in its lovely entirety, please check out my new shop at Purchase information is there as well.

I'm just testing the new shop, but the really nice thing, well lots of nice things, is that there's no listing fee, you can donate proceeds to the rain forest, and it's underwritten by One of my favorite rubber stamp sites. I've gotten some really great supplies from them as well.

I will still be updating my web site, and am investigating different options for photographing my work. Luckily I have some guidance from my sister the photographer, and I some background on my end as well. Here's a closeup of my new necklace, enjoy your weekend.

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