Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Booth Set up!!

Okay, got to try out my new booth set up today, and I think it looked really nice. Let me know opinions. And don't forget, only 3 more days to sign up for the monthly blog candy by making comments on this blog by September 30th!!

One of the new things in my booth are plexiglass shelves, held up by glass block. I bought 7 glass blocks, on sale at Home Depot for 2$ each, they were on clearance, weird shape but it worked for me. I bought a big piece of plexiglas, and they don't cut it. Tried to do it myself, but it didn't go well. Note to self - it's not as easy to cut plexiglas as the guy made it out to be. I took it to the local hardware store and they cut it. Note to self - buy it at home depot - it's cheaper, but pay them to cut it at the local hardware store.

Also, used little bowls with nifty electric tealight in it covered with rocks. Looked really cute. Also put tealights behind glass block, really really cute. All in all, had a lot of positive comments on the set up and great sales as well until it started pouring rain. Oh well.

In the center I have a picture frame to protect some of my more valuable items and really show them off. Special items I'm either really proud of or took a lot of time or made of precious metals.

I really like this set up, easier to set up, a cinch to break down (did I mention rain?) and I really think it showcases my work. Let me know if you have any comments, what things you like to see at shows, what kinds of booths attract you and so on. Thanks for looking!!


Char said...

I like the amount of jewelry you show. It looks very clean and easy to view. My only suggestion from afar is that the back of the tent is a little stark. Perhaps you could blow up and mount photos of your favorite or signature pieces to hang. That way a shopper can see what you have to offer from a distance. Sometimes I'm too tired to cut through traffic for an unknown tent!

Jan-Ra said...

Your display looks nice. I like the black/white scheme and that the center table is "balanced" (i.e. symmetrical).

Wilmas whimseys said...

Great booth set up! Love the fact of the tealights,where did you get them from? You have given me a wonderful idea for my glass blocks to display my jewlery on. Gladd your show went well.