Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Post

Well, it's Friday again. We have, as of this writing, 7 entries for the earrings. That's pretty good odds. I wish you all well and thanks for posting. Contest ends September 30th and anyone can enter up to then. I've added a couple of things to my blog, tweaking and changing it around. If I missed putting anything up that I had before, please let me know. It was kinda wonky trying to get it all back together.

Below you can see what I'm working on now - a new fringe necklace called "Gifts from the Sea." It's all done in blues and whites with pearls and Swarovski in blues and crystals for accents. I'm lovin' it. Really pretty. In this picture I have about 2/3 of one more row of embellishment to do and should finish it by next Saturday for the Landis Woods art show. Anyone wanting to see what a finished "branched fringe" necklace looks like can check my web site. This is the third one I've made and if you've never seen one in person, it's because once I finish one, it doesn't stay on the display too long - 1-2 shows and someone snaps them up.

Booth display photos - I am working on a new booth display and it is evolving, let me know what you think . . . which booth would you be most tempted to stop into?

Flylady update. I'm still cleaning out the house. Filled up the van last night for goodwill and we have another van load ready to go. Man, we have a lot of stuff we don't need! And that's just this week, less than 15 minutes a day. Other things I have done this week - cleaned the counter and sink in bathroom, cleaned out the kids and my sock drawers, washed the floor in the kitchen, washed the bottom and back of the toilet, cleaned the stove, and began cleaning out the "craft closet." The work is starting to show. It's so much easier having someone give me an assignment every day. This I can deal with. The house is still a mess, but it's better than it was before. And my favorite flylady saying - a chore done wrong still blesses your home. Wow, you mean it doesn't have to be perfect??? Ths kids are pitching in and learning how to keep things clean. My older one is fussing about it, truth be told, she's very neat - but has too much stuff and won't let go of any of it. My younger one is jumping right in, would rather give away stuff than have to put it away. Go figure.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Jan-Ra said...

I am glad you got rid of the patterned black and white table cloth (I just read your Sept. 26 post)! That cloth is just too busy and is distracting! The solid colors in the new booth is much more attractive.