Friday, November 14, 2008

Baking Cookies and Treats

Yes, that is how I spent my day, besides cleaning and getting ready for next weekend's Open House! See the details in my last blog post. For those of you who come for the goodies, I made some really tasty pecan bits, chai cookies, kourabiethes and will make an apple-ginger cake next week closer to d-day. Also, the Winter Berry wine is out again and will be serving Friday evening for the Wine and Cheese portion of the event. Everyone is welcome.

Thanks to my recent reorganization of my life, and implementing some cleaning routines, I am relaxed and on top of things as I plan for my open house. The house is getting cleaner day by day. As those of you who know me, know, my house barely qualified as clean. It was cluttered and it was dusty. There were no bugs inhabiting the corners, but it wasn't real pretty. Now, if you ignore the boxes packed and ready to go to goodwill which WILL be gone this weekend, things are coming together. I have to thank. My life is much less stressfull as I prepare to welcome people into my home. If the weather clears, I hope to have a penguin to greet you at the door to the studio. I do not work for flylady, just a satisfied participant. We creative types sometimes have difficulty managing our homes as we get "sidetracked" rather easily. Example: I needed to go to the bathroom (simple enough right) so I stop to get the bucket of dirty water from my office so I can dump it down the toilet, notice that I didn't finish cleaning the floor, so I finish vacuuming, then washing floor with swiffer sweeper, notice the sliding glass doors need a polish so I do that, now I really have to go - start off for the bathroom, remember the bucket and go back for it . . . sound like you? Cluttered house? Overwhelmed by taking care of your home to the point you don't know where to start so you do nothing? Welcome to my world for the past 18 years. Never realized the power of routines. Never realized that the born organizeds of the world used them, just thought they were "lucky" or "smarter" than me or that they had no lives.

I will be visiting Pam tomorrow at our group show in Mt. Joy, she has some really great crafters participating. I got a sneak preview!

Hope everyone is doing well, this weather can't last forever right? I need some sunshine.

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