Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Countdown on!

Two days left till my open house, jewelry is set up already though, so if you'd like to stop by early, feel free. Just call first to make sure I'm here.

I'm always amazed when I get all my jewelry out how much I have really made. I will be concentrating more on the art pieces for a while this winter, which is what I really like to do every winter. Here's a really quick peek at what I have in store for this weekend. As a special to my blog readers, get an extra 10% savings on all non-woven pieces if you leave me a comment on this blog. When you come to the open house, mention it - I'll check and if you have the the comment I'll take 10% off your purchase. If you have the postcard too, that's worth another 10% off. If you bring a friend you can either have the extra 10 for the comment or the extra 5 for the friend but not both. I'd take the extra 10. Is that too confusing? The discount is good on any non-woven piece - even the wire worked pieces!

I don't know why but I always have trouble lining up these photographs, trying to do this quick and . . . does anyone else have this problem?
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