Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's in the Details!


Etched Bat Earrings
 Costuming is all about the details - it's those little extras that make a costume "pop" and special.  Lady Gotham is nothing without her cape -

Full Spread out Cape just screams "Batman!"
Photo by Zayne L. Miller

One of the Belt details, bullet shells glued onto a tin and spray painted.
Steampunk Bat Collar, the Brass bat centerpiece was hand cut, etched and polished by me -
Additional details of the costumes below -

Belt bag brings an "explorer" type feel to the costume,
especially with leather gloves and matching belt.
Photo by Zayne L. Miller

Details for Steampunk Circus include
the silver "roping" on the hat
and the military trim reminiscent
of the Ringmaster. Photo by Kristen Miller

The Lace edging on this outfit change the oft used
Circus stripes into a Lady's day dress with spunk. Photo by Zayne L. Miller
Once Upon a Time - Regina Cosplay - where one little detail makes a difference!

Perfect example of details, although the cape is "spot on" to the show, my hair is the wrong color and not long enough, the hat is wrong and I frankly look nothing like Regina on Once Upon a time, but pull out that poisoned apple -and everyone knew who I was - Photo by Scott "Fotoplex" Levine -

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Laura Morrigan said...

I love your outfits! You look amazing! I need to do some more sewing! Hard to find time amidst looking for a job and writing!