Sunday, March 23, 2014

Woodland Goddess Details

Didn't want to completely overtake the last post with pictures so I saved the details of my woodland goddess for today - Above you can see the headdress I made from silk flowers, leaves and yes, there are a couple of birds in there! I'm here with my friend Karen who also made her headdress and outfit - great minds think alike, we both planned these costumes independent of each other and wound up mirroring each other much of the weekend!
Close up of my belt bag with added fringe to match my skirt! And did you notice the fairy-guy attached to my belt? Willow's Creations- look for them next at Steampunk World's Fair!
Here you can see the Chatelaine I made and how I wore it suspended from a d-ring from my corset, below you can see the details but in this picture you can see the added bottle of woodland creature bones, mementos from dear friends - The detail of the fabric you can see here - silk with embroidered vine/leaves - one of my finds from a local craft/reuse store I frequent, and this is why, I picked up 3 yards of this fabric for $2 a yard - I go once a week and I managed to snag some of this in a brick red background too! 

On left, leaf pendant from Suburban Girl Studio suspended from a hand dyed silk ribbon.  I tried to keep the materials as nature as possible.  The belt bag has a leaf motif and between that and the corset is where I got my initial inspiration.  On the right you can now see the chantelaine more clearly - including the tree of life motif clay bottle, and the clay charm with the wind on one side and the sun on the other. 

 So a timeline of how this idea started - I received this great corset in a grab bag from Damsel in this Dress - she does these every year for Black Friday - I traded the fairy skirt -

I was almost bummed but then I remembered I had this fabric -
And then the belt bag fabric - and then I bought the shirt fabric from Joann's with a coupon, the lace for the sleeves came from the PA Fabric Outlet, with plans for Victorian cuffs but it worked perfectly for sleeves - One thing leads to another and you have all the details that add up to a well thought out planned and put together outfit.

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