Monday, March 03, 2014

Wicked Faire Review

Wicked Faire was held in conjunction with Voltaire's Wicked Necrocomicon and my daughter was one of the artists in their Artist Alley - She also loves to cosplay a Fem Ash and does a wicked good job! Here she is posing with the adorable Jose Puertas.  I apologize because I don't know the character he does but wow, what a great job!

Here's Kristen in her mundanes, posing at her table with her awesome artwork and her altered dolls.  If you see anything you're interested in, feel free to contact me. She is on deviant art as well.
And here is my group of Damsels, minus my dear friend Sue who accompanies me to most of my events.
I took Tango lessons and no one asked me to leave!

My friend JP gave an awesome panel on Boosting your Creativity - Lots of great ideas and I felt very motivated afterward!

I debuted 4 new costumes, the Woodland Goddess who you see dancing, the Purple Steampunk Circus here and Regina/Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.  I made the complete outfit except for the corset and hat  for Regina and I'm really happy with how it came out. Standing next to me is Karen who made/repurposed most of her outfit as well and the headwear is so pretty - difficult to fit inside a van, but pretty!

My last costume is a Ruby/Red Riding Hood costume also based on Once Upon a Time - Here I am "letting the wolf out!"
 Wicked Faire was great and I had a wonderful time.  It was different than last year as I wasn't vending and my daughter was present.  I spend a lot of time running back and forth so I could spend some time with her - but I didn't really want to be "mommy" on such a fun weekend.  I have also realized that I never posted a review of Gilded Festival - so I will have to get right on that before I get too far behind!!

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Laura Morrigan said...

Wow! All your outfits are so wonderful!