Friday, January 30, 2015

Where to find me this year

I have some new shows on the schedule and am no longer doing one longtime show.  You will see Heart of Lancaster is no longer on the list. I am sure that some of my patrons will be disappointed but here's the deal. For the past few years I haven't done very well at that show. Lots of customers come in, make lovely comments, chat and hang out with me, but very few sales. So it's clear to me that I can no longer afford to do that show. I say this not to make anyone feel guilty but to make customers aware, that while we enjoy your company and your compliments and look forward to seeing you every year, if the sales aren't there - eventually we give up and seek other avenues. I seem to do much better at my smaller geeky events overall and will be pursuing those venues. As always, if you're local I'm always open to you stopping over by appointment. I'm here on Fridays and most evenings. I enjoy my hometown patrons, you are the people who supported me at first and I am forever grateful. So when you travel to your local craft shows, keep this in mind, support your local artists, think of them first when planning your gift giving for birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc. It makes a whole lot of difference to us.

I am also taking a break this year from Steampunk World's Fair to experience that fine event as a patron. One of my favorite authors is going to be there and we are celebrating my daughter's graduation from college. I can believe four years has gone by so fast.

There are a few events not listed here that I will be attending just as a patron, the con schedule gets busier and busier every year, so look for me at Wicked Faire, The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con, The PA Ren Faire and possibly a couple of other events. As always, if you need me to bring some jewelry along for delivery at these other events I'm more than willing. Commissions are open as well, so if you have a piece that needs to be made, let me know!


2015 Shows and Events

March 14-15 Central PA Comic Con - Holiday Inn, 2000 Loucks Rd York PA
March 27-29 Zenkaikon - Lancaster Convention Center - Downtown Lancaster 
April 18 Pocono Comic Expo - Bartonsville, PA
May 9-10 Byers' Choice American Artisan Showcase - Chalfont, PA
September 26 Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show - Neffsville, PA

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