Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey, i think i'm getting the hang of this thing. I'm actually posting on a regular basis. To all those who are signing on to see the cork doll, this means you will have to scroll further down the page, or read through all my ramblings. It's late, and I'm burning CD's that I have recently bought because I need more music in my car and for work. I prefer burning copies so I can keep those in the car and the originals in my house. I just burned a kick butt mix CD too, for driving. Including a couple of Beastie Boys tracks for energy in the afternoon. You just can't help but get energized by Fight for your Right. The CD winds up with , what else? FREE BIRD!! Okay, couldn't help it, Walmart had Beastie Boys and Lynard Skynard cheap today and I stopped on the way home from seeing my nieces dance in a competition. By the way, if you live in or near Bucks County - they go to a great dance school, Knecht. I'm not exactly sure how they do it, but the dancers that come out of that school ROCK big time. Women, send your kids there. I"m sure it costs a bunch, but it seems to be worth it. My daughter, has no interest in dancing or anything really girly, but is becoming a pretty righteous drummer. Can't wait to see if my friend scored some Tommy Lee sticks for her at the Motley Crue concert last night.
Well, tired now, must sleep, must work tomorrow.
Off to bed for now . . .

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