Friday, February 24, 2006

I obviously and publicly have few friends it seems. I was hoping more people would post, especially after the Bo Bice thing. But alas, I'm all alone in cyberspace.
In Music News - I found out that Marty Casey - from Rock Star INXS has released an album with the LoveHammers - his band. The single "Trees" is on it and I will be searching out the disk this weekend. In other music news, inspired by my love of Freebird (see below) I finally picked up a best of Lynard Skynard, and because it was cheap and I just love them - Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys!!! 7.50 at Walmart. (yes, the nasty walmart that thinks I just may be a drug lord.) Tomorrow if the rest of the DAy at the Shore swaps arrive, i can begin swapping out and having loads of fun packaging and such. If they don't, i just may start rummaging through the submissions anyway. No one showed for the ATC swap in Lancaster, I'm really trying to create a buzz here, but it's just a little hiss at this point. Hope more people get into this, I'd really like to do some face to face swapping.
Over, and out.
I'm sleepy.

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