Sunday, February 12, 2006

New ATC's i made in the past couple of weeks. There are other day at the beach ones, each is different. The dance ones above are really cool - made with a kind of stained glass technique, capturing ink and glitter behind the image of the dancer. Enjoy, feel free to ask about technique and if you have any atc's you'd like to trade.


Julie in Alaska said...

Meleenia, thanks for the compliment. I checked out
your blog and I really like the ATCs. I like the
My family is from Maine, I remember seeing moose as a
child when we went to camp on Lake Seboise (spelling?)
near Moosehead Lake. We would see them in the stream
as we boated up the river to get to the cabin. They
seemed so huge then and now I know they really are!LOL
We have only lived in Alaska for a year now and I am
daily amazed. We see bald eagles alot also. It is
awsome. Julie in Alaska

Diane Yates` said...

Really nice stuff and your pins are just great. Would love to know how you did that or where I could buy one. Diane with one "n"