Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A quick update on what you may be seeing next season. I for one am always influenced by Hollywood, what I see in the shows and movies that I watch. I have been known to sketch crazily after seeing someone on a show wearing something that inspires me. Past inspirations include, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Videos on CMT, Bones (Bones always wears the coolest necklaces), and most recently the costumes of House of Flying Daggers.

Update on colors and syles from
Fire Mountain Style Report from the MAGIC Marketplace and Accessories: The Show
From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Style Team

Overall Trends

Lack of Uniformity -- less structure in jewelry designs and clothing as a sense of free-spirit abounds. Flowing fabrics, less-fitted clothing styles, mismatched materials and layers and layers of jewelry.

Importance of a Cause -- the upcoming election, combined with increased global and social awareness, brings many different causes to the forefront. Whether it is clearly spelled out or not, most jewelry and clothing designs have a message behind them.

Hollywood Hype -- the power of celebrity endorsements is bigger than ever as Hollywood continues to set the style scene. The ''as seen on/in'' seems to be one of the most powerful advertising statements.

Alternative Materials -- with a shift away from precious metals, designers are using bright colors and an increased scale to create over-the-top looks in a more economical way.

White is emerging as a neutral color trend and is truly becoming a seasonless color, working well throughout the entire year. Crisp, clean shades of white are seen as chic, cool and classy.

Rich jewel tones such as Imperial Plum, Fandango, and Midnight Sapphire represent luxury and elegance.

Earth tones including Sandy Taupe, Lavender Grey, Champagne and Palomino create the less edgy mood of the season.

Muted pastels such as Fall Rose, Fire Fly and Maize offer a feminine-inspired softness.

To read the whole report in living color click below!


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Barbara said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Dianne!!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Dianne,

I love it, thanks for posting about jewelry/fashion trends! We make a point of following this stuff pretty closely (no surprise)...and in this economy, it's great to see more people tuning in and planning what kind of jewelry they'll be able to make and sell. A blog post like this is a genuine service. Readers who want more information should check out our color & fashion trends from Swarovski, Pantone and more.


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