Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Blog - Oct 31

Today is my favorite holiday of the year but I won't get to celebrate in my traditional way. First, I haven't decorated the house this year, and the neighborhood kiddies are sure to be disappointed, but I am going to be setting up tonight for a show in Philadelphia and won't be home to run the fog machine. That's right, I'm so halloween crazy that I have my own fog machine. So, if you are going to be in the Philadelphia area this weekend, here are the stats:

Artisan Fall Festival
Unitarian Society of Germantown
6511 Lincoln Drive

Saturday November 1 10-4
Sunday November 2 12-4

It's a truly lovely show with remarkable artisans including myself with jewelry, my dad with wood carvings and turnings and our friend Millie who makes gorgeous pottery. We have our own little party every year in the downstairs room with the food. Please stop by if you can. Support hand made arts!!

In other news, my credit card program is up and working, my internet continues to be fast, and my son is going to be Ironman for halloween. I have continued working with to get my house in order, the big project this week was cleaning out the "storage" closet in my daughter's room that has our extra quilts and blankets. I also got new curtains for the bathroom and our bedroom and put the nice quilt on our bed with the fancy pillow shams. Everything matches. And today, my boss at my home care job gave us really nice throws to celebrate National PT month. Yay for all the physical therapists who work so hard out there! We have a great group of very dedicated clinicians.

Don't forget, last day to sign up to win the free bracelets, just leave a comment on the October 3rd post. I will post the winner next week.

I also just joined "Twitter" so follow me at - as soon as i figure out how, I will post my twitter link to the right.

Coming up my open house - November 21-23, I'm busy getting ready for that, will begin baking next week, lots of tasty treats planned this year, I've been collecting recipes.

That's it for now, have a wonderful spooky safe halloween!

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